Thursday, June 12, 2008

pickups and cantaloupes.

Wanted: photos of pickups and cantaloupes.

Let your imagination wander...if it’s a photo with a pickup and/or a cantaloupe in it, we want it!Viaduct Studio will offer a “three-ring circus” of original theater, live music, and visual art at 622 Second Avenue, downtown. Each event will be structured around a particular theme.Our first production at Viaduct is our new one-act called “Now (Or Just In General),” about maintaining love in an anxious age. A new band is forming called the Mighty Viaducts, and artist Kirby Krieger will curate an exhibition of photographs of pickups and cantaloupes, in conjunction with the play’s theme. Whether its a vintage photograph of your grandfather’s F-150, a photo of a cantaloupe in your garden, or even something from the high art of pickup and cantaloupe photography, send it our way. Digital images preferred.While you’re at it, check out our temporary website (, and mark your calendar for June 13-16.

Thank you,-- Rick Schweikert Viaduct Studio“A three ring circus of art.” 622 Second Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15219 412-352-3417


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