Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pittsburgh Artist John Lienert

On May 24, 2008, the art of Pittsburgh artist John Lienert was on display at the Bellevue Art Crawl. If you were lucky enough to see his work I would appreciate any posts here about what you were able to see and if you have photographs. I was hiking through Yellowstone's backcountry at the time and wish I had at least been able to blog the event. These are the types of rare exhibits which reward those who keep an eye out for what's going on in Pittsburgh. There was a May 22 Tribune article and I came across a flickr page with some images and a write up... Also you can see his work again Saturday July 12, 2008, more info here.


John Lienert: 1924 - 1974

John Lienert was a fireman, ironworker, husband, father and artist. Lienert’s work has been viewed by very few people outside of his immediate family since his death in 1974. Lienert began sketching in pencil and charcoal in the 1950s, progressing to water colors and oils. In the 1960s he began sculpting. He started with plaster, then wood, stone and finally metal.
In 1966, John Lienert was a Pittsburgh firefighter, stationed on the fireboat, the “Scully.” The “Scully was docked at the bottom of Fourth Street on Pittsburgh’s Southside. To pass the time between fire calls and maintenance duties, he set up a workbench on the dock to do his sculpting. A June 2, 1966 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article and photo shows him sculpting plaster busts on the shore of the Monongahela River.
Unfortunately John Lienert passed away at the young age of forty-nine in April of 1974. Since that time no one outside of his immediate family and friends has viewed any of his work. For the first time in thirty-four years Lienert’s paintings and sculptures will be displayed at the Bellevue Art Crawl on May 24. The third floor of the old G C Murphy building will be transformed into an art gallery.


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