Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Creation by Accident: Works by Aimee Manion & Sebastian van Gorder


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Creation by Accident: Works by Aimee Manion & Sebastian van Gorder

Opening Reception:

October 3, 2008
7:00 pm
10:00 pm

Aimee Manion and Sebastian van Gorder have been Creating together for over half of a decade. Their work is both playful and searingly resolute. A melding of the abstract and the tangible, their imagery explores the wonders and mysteries of Creation.

By constructing captivating vistas of movement and provocative color overlaid with suggestive forms and figures, they aim to incite viewers to inquire within themselves about their own existence, about the unknown and the ineffable.

Drawing inspiration from science texts, headline news and everything in between, Aimee and Sebastian commit layer after layer to the canvas (or, rather, wood, paper, glass and drafting film). Each additional layer obscures the previous layers, much the way that our origins and the origins of the universe are cloaked in unending potential for discovery and question. Nothing is obvious. Nothing is intended to be interpreted in a particular way. No object or artwork is assigned a meaning.
As each piece develops, its meaning undergoes a constant metamorphosis, absorbing energy and ideas from two Beings and combining them into a single artifact that can be can be pondered endlessly.

Sebastian holds a degree in Biochemistry; Aimee in Fine Art with a minor in Anthropology. As the universe draws on all available resources to create, so does this Pair. Creation has filled a void in space. Aimee and Sebastian aim to fill a void as well. The viewer needs to bring their own void.


Exhibit runs through the 24th.


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