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Scapegoats at BoxHeart Art Gallery Sept 16 2008 Pittsburgh PA Bloomfield

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September 16 – October 11
BoxHeart Gallery


Recent work by Sabe Lewellyn (Also featuring the abstract oil paintings of Dolores Diemer Yount)

Artist Sabe Lewellyn continues his exploration of the sacred with his first exhibition in Pittsburgh, “Scapegoats.” Using spheres or orbs, which are created by stamping with wine bottles around his painted animals, Lewellyn creates a symbolic hieroglyphic surface in his paintings. The goat, significant to numerous cultures, are used for sacrifice, symbolize life and creative energy, and carry interesting duplicity as lusty, rude false gods. The scapegoat, one made to bear the blame of others, is attributed to the Hebrew ceremony of Yom Kippur. The Scapegoat was chosen from two goats, one of which was for the Lord. The other, the sin-bearer, was sent into the wilderness for Azazel (the goat that escapes). In Christianity, the idea of the scapegoat is symbolic of Christ’s suffering and baring all the sins of the world. In Memphis, Maynard the Magnificent a plucky beer-drinking goat at Silky O'Sullivan's, even had to bare his burden as he bore bad luck for both the Memphis Grizzlies in 2002 and the Chicago Cubs in 2003!


Public Reception: Saturday, September 20th: 5 pm – 8 pmFree and open to the public!

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4523 Liberty Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15224 P. 412.687.8858F.



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