Thursday, September 11, 2008

If you care about Pittsburgh...

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If you care about Pittsburgh I think you should read the Tribune article which revolves around Pittsburgh 250 here. I imagine and hope that people will respond here and elsewhere as to their thoughts of celebrating Pittsburgh's 250th birthday. And perhaps what think of what's being done and what would be the best way to commemorate Pgh if your voice mattered.

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  1. Pittsburgh does not know who it is anymore. It does know what is was and cannot decide artistically whether it is proud of it's past or embarrassed by it. The seeming inability of the city to have a comprehensive plan for the birthday stems from this insecurity and identity crisis.
    Public art projects of all forms seem a natural way to celebrate the 250. I know that Pittsburgh curators consistently overlook the vast potential of Pittsburgh based artists. The argument that funding the prestige of outsourced visual and performing art brings in visitor based revenue misses a key point. The visitor goes home. Imagine if we supported Pittsburgh based artists with a fair shot at big public art. Funding organization's money would cycle within the local economy. Eventually the city might even tout the prestige of the artists they supported and a reciprocal business relationship would be achieved. I think it is ironic that art organizations use Andy Warhol to entice visitors but dismissed him when he lived in Pittsburgh.

  2. i appreciate you taking the time to communicate your thoughts.

    i agree on showcasing pittsburgh based artists as a priority. it's quite odd to me that artists from other cities are called upon to bring us public art, especially this year when it's about pittsburgh 250.

    even more odd we will see a temporary public art exhibit from an la based artist. in general it's good to have an art community which showcases work and mediums from all over the world- that's an enriching thing when it comes to exhibits. pittsburgh is all good in that regard i think given the carnegie, mattress factory, andy warhol etc. it's time to kick the self conscious pgh image and showcase artists who live and work here.

    that and spending money to move dirt around to fit more people in point state park for a concert seems very odd- unless we will actually see some pittsburgh based art there!

    rick byerly