Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sirani Gallery, Squirrel Hill Pittsburgh Art Gallery

The Pittsburgh Galleries blog is a volunteer effort from Rick Byerly to promote Pittsburgh art events which feature artists from the area. The website effort is an up-to-date directory with Pittsburgh area art venues. Thanks go to Sirani Gallery of 5875 Forbes Avenue in Squirrel Hill for being a sponsor and David L. Edwards Art and Ruth E. Hendricks for their donations to this effort. Donation and sponsor info can be found here. Rick Byerly, Uniquetake Photography

Pittsburgh Art Info, a volunteer effort comprised of the Pittsburgh Galleries blog and the Pittsburgh Gallery Directory , welcomes it's first sponsor, Sirani Gallery of Squirrel Hill.

Address 5875 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15217 Phone 412.422.2121

Sirani Website

New Artists:

ROBERT CHEVALIER Chevalier's atmospheric abstract paintings pull you in and ask "what else do you see?" Textured backgrounds and smooth surfaces create a rich and unique combination.

MELANIE SIMARD In Melan's paintings dimension is created by adding more and more substance. You want to touch the strong and harmonious shapes of her beautifully textured surfaces.

KATIA POULIN Katia's paintings tell a story, often one based on her dreams. She transports us to futuristic atmospheres with her diverse variety of mediums including charcoal, pastel, oil and glaze.

Sirani Gallery derives its name from Elisabetta Sirani, a talented Italian artist (1638-1665). When she died at 27 she already had produced over 200 paintings, drawings and etchings. She ran her family’s art workshop and supported her parents, three siblings and herself from the age of 19 years until her death. Sirani was a native of Bologna, a city famous for its progressive attitude toward women’s rights as well as for producing other successful female artists. She was first trained by her father and then by a family friend and influential art critic, Count Carlo Cesare Malvasia, who became her mentor. Elisabetta Sirani quickly became known for her ability to paint beautifully finished canvases quickly and exactingly. Her portraits, mythological subjects, and images of the Holy Family were acquired by wealthy and royal patrons, including the house of de Medici. Besides leaving an important painting legacy, through Sirani’s own teaching, more than a dozen other young women and her sisters later became professional painters.


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