Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pittsburgh Visual Artists: Illustrators, Photographers, Digital Artists: A Warning Story about the book Colorful Illustrations 93°C

A story which just broke a few days ago online is one both visual artists and art patrons need to know about. A book named Colorful Illustrations 93°C is being sold with stolen images and interviews from 93 artists across the world. The images were downloaded from the Little Chimp Society , some even with watermarks and copyright notices and made in this book which is being sold. The full story is here and images of the fraudulent book here . These criminals even included a cd of all of the images as well. Please spread the word about this crime and keep in mind how your images are displayed online. I hop that pro bono copyright and trademark lawyers step forward to help out the artist involved as well as government entities.

The one thing I noticed about the watermarks and copyrights is that they were artistic enough that they blended in with the image so my advice is to to make it stand out and apart from the image and don't worry about the end result. Displaying images online is only to get exposure and sell whatever products you've spent a lot of time in creating so people shouldn't get the full experience online anyways! You can also show lower resolution images which can't end up being used for much of anything but there's a line there of what you were willing to look at yourself. So spread the word, I know a lot of artists online who don't even watermark and copyright their images.

Update: Unfortunately I found out that talented Pittsburgh artist Mike Egan had his images stolen and used in the book.

Rick Byerly


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