Friday, April 11, 2008

Tom Museum Reception Friday April 11th, 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM Pittsburgh Art

Friday April 11th, 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM, FREE! OPENING RECEPTION at The Tom Museum

MIXTAPE Exhibition and Elements, a new installation by Jeremiah Johnson

On Friday April 11th, The Tom Museum will hold its final opening reception for two exciting projects.

MIXTAPE is an exhibition that surveys the diverse sound interests of people from across the country. The act of creating personal sound mixes on analog cassette tape was widely practiced in the eighties and early nineties before Compact Discs became popular. Part of the beauty of the mix tape is the imperfections of the recordings. Sound levels are always distorted. There is often background noise or the remnants of something that was recorded over. Tapes can record sound from a wide variety of sources including voice, ambient sound, vinyl records, and digital sound. Although some people copy tapes through a method known as dubbing, most mix tapes are one of a kind compilations that take time, patience and creativity to assemble. The effort involved in making a mix tape can only lead to aggravation if a cassette player "eats" a tape, leaving a tangles mess that is impossible to repair.

Participants in the MIXTAPE show include: Dean Ebben, Kristen Barca, Rick Everett, Elizabeth Schafer, Rico Gagliano, Erik Gorr, Jessie Larson, Chris Ulivo (and his pet birds), Thad Kellstadt, Kevin C. Smith, Luke Holden, William G. Evans, Lea Donatelli and Greg Cislon, Jeremiah Johnson, H. Amico, Mix Ape, Laura Marisco, artnoose, Jessica Silver and Nicholas Breinich, Matt O’Riley, Jason Rudolf, Rose Clancy, Helena Sanders, Allison Lacher and Harry Lurker. The Tom Museum has never enforced strict deadlines, so continue to arrive on a daily basis.
Listening stations are available throughout The Tom Museum. Awards for most interesting sound compilation and visual design of cassettes will be announced at the opening.

Elements is a new installation by Jeremiah Johnson located in the attic of The Tom Museum. Johnson, of Williamsport, PA has creating a painting that appears to have come to life with a tornado-like tube growing out of its center. The piece raises some interesting questions about the relationship of traditional painting to installation art. Both Elements and MIXTAPE will be on view through May 31st 2008.
Tom Museum 410 Sampsonia Way Pittsburgh, PA, 15212 North Side The Tom Museum is both an irreverent commentary on the museum experience, and a view into an artist's creative process. Tom Sarver blends everyday activities and pastimes, such as cooking, fishing and gardening, with the arts of puppetry, painting and sculpture to engage visitors on many levels. Hours: Sat 12pm - 5pm Sun 1pm - 3pm. Check site for hours as occasionally they are closed a sunday or two.


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