Monday, March 3, 2008

North Side Mural titled "Welcome to Deutschtown." by Pittsburgh Artist David Edwards

A great Pittsburgh mural finished in 2007 in which I didn't know the story on so I wanted to post the information I found when coming across information from the artist David Edwards and other sources:

Info gathered from a Pittsburgh Dish blog here , from Pittsblog here and David Edward's press release in full from one of his myspace blogs here . Considering those were the only results I could find in the first few pages of Google I'd say it was less than covered, if at all, in the mainstream media. David's website is .

The Pittsburgh Dish blog , which also has photos, states: The mural, part of the North Shore Glass Mural Project in conjuction with the Children’s Museum, is located on the corner of East Ohio and Cedar in Deutschtown on the North Side. The North Side Leadership Conference coordinated the funding along with the Elm Street Community, URA and others.

And the press release from David Edwards myspace :

Northside Mural public art information.
Below is a press release that answers questions often asked about the mural that I created last year. Better late than never.
There will be a dedication ceremony for the new "Welcome to Deutschtown" mural designed and created by Pittsburgh-based artist David Lee Edwards on Wednesday, June 20, 2007, in the Allegheny Park adjacent to the mural.
This mural is painted onto the exterior brick surface of the Park House located at the intersection of Cedar Avenue and East Ohio Street. The mural project was coordinated by the Northside Leadership Conference and sponsored by the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh Partnership for Neighborhood Development, the Elm Street Community, and the East Allegheny Community Conference.
The mural is designed as a visually compelling artwork to serve as a celebratory gateway for the Historic Deutschtown neighborhood. This design honors the architecture and historic identity of the Northside community while paying tribute to the communities' significant contributions to cultural life. As "Pittsburgh Celebrates Glass" in 2007 the mural fittingly exalts the artistry and craftsmanship of Pittsburgh's architectural glassworks.
The immediate intent of the mural is to capture the public attention and hold it, first by the awe of an encounter with a brilliantly backlit stained glass window, then generating curiosity in the details of the design. Recalling the wonder of seeing a stained glass window in sunlight for the first time is key to the vicarious success of the project. To this end the viewer is engaged by a painting of a towering clerestory facade tempered by a calming and familiar church-like theme.
Nine crests featured within the windows are a proud reminder of the towns of origin for the early inhabitants of Historic Deutschtown. The mural memorializes cherished old world values such as hometown pride, orderliness, spirituality and attention to detail. The symmetry of the work respects the historic cultural affinity for managing complexity with coherence and order. A balance is then struck between the geometric order of the piece and it's relevance to the past. A silhouette of a musician playing a piano by candlelight adds a whimsical touch and draws the viewer's attention through the glass into the interior of the building itself. The piano playing maestro, dressed in period clothing, pays homage to the ongoing importance of music and entertainment in the cultural life of the neighborhood.
"My public art projects grow from a responsibility to the audience. This is the public in the art." D.L. Edwards


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