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Zombo Gallery Art Show August 15, 2008 Sideshow Freakshow Who Knows Show

Lucky the Painproofman presents Dr. Josef Furdek's Cabinet of Curiousities at Zombo Gallery. I checked with Michael to when the Aug 15 openinbg would go til time-wise and he said around 11pm but don't wait too late! (Reposting as a reminder)

Receptions at 6pm on Friday, August 15th, 2008 and on Saturday, August 30th, 2008 at 6pm.

Zombo Gallery 4900 Hatfield Street Pittsburgh, PA 15201 Ph, 412-904-3703

From Michael at Zombo Gallery:

Hey All. Things have gotten overtly strange at Zombo Gallery. After Wayno's Fantastic Anniversary show, I was hoping to take pretty much the month of August off to just kind to give the gallery a little rest. But was confronted by a nearly manic, but charming sort of a character who would only refer to himself as "Lucky, The Painproof Man". He seemed to be a throwback to the world of "Carnies", Sideshows, Freakshows, and the like. He cornered me at my gallery and gave me a spiel I could hardly resist. He asked for use of the gallery from August 15th -30th to display an array of oddities and artifacts that he claims has never seen the light of day. He suggested to temporarily "convert" the gallery to an Artshow/Freakshow/Sideshow.

I was skeptical to say the least, but after he made a convincing presentation complete with diagrams, layouts, photos and upfront financial compensation, I was sold.In all honesty, I still fail to believe that even half of what he promised will actually be or take place at my gallery, but I really don't have anything to loose. Neither do you. I hope you can show up and witness this "not for the weak" exhibition. I know I am curious...and hope you are as well.

I have included the information from his latest correspondence to me

...See you there

Michael Devine Zombo Gallery 4900 Hatfield Street Pittsburgh, PA 15201 Ph, 412-904-3703

Hello Sir: I would like the gallery to open promptly at 6pm on Friday, August 15th and on Saturday, August 30th at 6pm. Please allow me to set up beginning 11:30pm on Thursday, August 14th and as per our past agreements you will NOT allow me to be disturbed.

Here is the current list for my presentation of Dr. Josef Furdek's Cabinet of Curiousities

THE CREATURE (believed to be a Chupacabra)
Coinjoined Fetus
Shrunken Heads
Vampire Hunting Kits
The Mummy of a Demon Boy
Stereo cards
Crystal Skulls
Bigfoot's Toe
Banner Lines
Knockdown Punks
Carnival Games

much much more

a perfomance by The Notorious Lucky the Painproof Man

The exhibition will transport the viewer to a forgotten time where the odd and unexplained would still shock and amaze.

The advent of modern medicine has had a devistating effect of the American Sideshow. "Freaks" have all but disapepared from the modern stage, relegated to impoverished third world countries where one may still find Siamese twins, or a half man. Television, movies, the internet and the widespread availability of information has desensitized us and taken the mystique out of the unknown. Human rights campaigns now longer allow the display of medical oddities for profit. Medical miracles correct birth defects daily, and are becoming more and more effective.

There was something magical about the American Sideshow, something that made the people want to spend a dime for the chance to see something out of the ordinary, when a dime was worth something. This work is pure Fluxist. It lies not within the physical manifestation of the sideshow itself, but rather the experience that the viewer takes away with them, and the story they tell others of what they've seen. Professor Josef's Cabinet of Curiosities is a chance for people to experience something that will soon disappear from existence.


Lucky, the Painproofman


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