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Unblurred Art Crawl Friday August 1, 2008 First Fridays

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Unblurred Art Gallery Crawl Schedule Friday August 1, 2008

Friday, August 1 6PM-9PM PITTSBURGH GLASS CENTER - 5472 PENN AVE. HOT JAM + UNVEILING OF ART3 NEIGHBORHOOD MOSAICS BY DAVIEA DAVIS Free open house featuring heat defying acts of art in Pittsburgh Glass Center’s state-of the-art glass studios. Be the first to see the completed neighborhood mosaics that began during Art3. This will be the only time to see all three neighborhood mosaics side-by-side. For more information, call 412-365-2145 ext. 201.

5PM-2AM ENVY - 4923 PENN AVE.CUISINE & ART Stop by and enjoy delicious food, drinks and African arts. Experience Our Intercontinental Buffet Dinner (Baked Chicken, Fried Chicken, Pot Roast, Grilled Jerk Pork, Meat Balls, Baked Pasta, African & Caribbean Combination Dishes, Greens, corn etc…) Hop up to the second floor VIP Room for African Arts, DJ Mr. International and other products.

Friday, August 1 6PM-9PM PASSPORTS: ART DIVERSITY - 5110 PENN AVE."COOL STUFF" SALE AND GALLERY PREVIEW Come view Penn Avenue's newest gallery-in-the making, have refreshments and weigh-in with your own comments and suggestions! Plus support us by buying artistic odds and ends as we raise funds to complete the space: Orphan and signed art from classic to eclectic, collectibles, antique jewelry, pottery, antique bits, old Westinghouse architectural plans, some furniture pieces, tons of fabric, and much, much more junk than you've ever seen in a long, long time!

Friday, August 1 6PM-10PM MOST WANTED FINE ART - 5015 PENN AVE.INFRA-RED SCREAMS! Jesse Zito MFA and Gene Fenton MFA, Photography and Sculpture: Infra-Red images along side Traditional and Experimental Photography, leaving room for Paper Mache sculpture. Come on over and enjoy meeting the Artists. Please see us on You Tube! Fri-Sun, Runs through August. Noon-6pm and by appointment.

Friday, August 1 6PM-7PM SANDIDGE PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO & GALLERY - 5515 PENN AVE.412.628.7888WORKS BY AHMAD SANDIDGE Join us and view the work of acclaimed photographer Ahmad Sandidge. Ahmad's photography has been displayed in NYC, DC, Atlanta, Oakland, CA, L.A., Brazil,etc. The range of his photography is seeming endless. He does portraits in black and white and color. His cityscape captures the essence of life in polarized color. Not only is he showing his work, he will also be taking and giving away, FREE, portraits (5x7 color prints) of those that come and visit his working studio and gallery.

Friday, August 1 6PM-8PM BRILLOBOX - 4104 PENN AVE.SOFT ROCK HAPPY HOUR Come start your art-world wanderings listening to the smooth sounds of soft rock. $2 domestic bottle specials, $3 well drinks specials, $2 peirogi & corn-dog appetizer specials.

Friday, August 1 7PM-10PM GARFIELD ARTWORKS - 4931 PENN AVE.DEAN CERCONE ART & MUSIC SPECTACULAR The debut solo art show (drawn and painted works) for this 16-year-old wunderkind from Renfrew, PA in rural Butler County, who will also perform his original music. Ambient rockers Yndi Halda (from Canterbury, England) join him on the bill. Donation requested. 412-361-2262.

Friday August 1 7PM-9PM INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN'S ART GALLERY - 5020 PENN AVE.A PREVIEW OF BRESMA Photographs of a Haitian Orphanage by Laura Petrilla and Eva Mueller. Drinks, Music and More. Donations requested. For more information .

Friday, August 1 7PM-10PM MODERNFORMATIONS GALLERY & PERFORMANCE SPACE - 4919 PENN AVE.SIGNS OF SURVIVAL: THE ART OF LIVING AFTER TRAUMA Most of us have been affected by trauma personally or through the experience of a loved one, friend or coworker. We survive terrorism, abusive family environments, poverty, rape, environmental decay, military service in active war zones, extreme health challenges, child abuse, and many other traumatic experiences.This exhibit honors our survival, our journey after the trauma has occurred, and our inherent worth and dignity. It asks: How do we as individuals, family units, and communities survive traumatic events? How do we process our experience of trauma? How do we heal and build thriving relationships and lives after trauma?Trauma survival has the power to unify us and provide common ground for communicating, healing and planning our future. Come and join the dialogue with many artists who answer these questions in unique and powerful ways. Experience their healing processes and lives after surviving traumatic events. Exhibit runs to the 29th. 412.362.0274

Friday, August 1 7PM-10PM MOXBOX FINE ART PARTY - 5014 PENN AVE.OPEN HOUSE ART PARTY moxBox Premiere ART Consulting (PAC) promotes art in alterntative venues, encourages alternative art viewing and creative living. The second open house will include a variety of artwork with a focus on photography, portraits and abstract works. Featured artists include Corey LeChat, Dean M. Beattie, Eric Gibbons, Mark Traughber, Shari Lynn Bennett, Maria Napoli, Mark Gualtieri, and TK Mundok.412.682.0348/

Friday, August 1 8PM-11PM ATTACK THEATRE - 4805 PENN AVE.ATTACK THEATRE'S GAME NIGHT AND THE SEVEN-MINUTE DANCE SERIES Join Attack Theatre for some good old-fashioned schoolyard fun and games: Four-Square, backgammon, 3-D tic-tac-toe, vintage Atari games, darts and Connect Four. For those who missed the fabulous rain-soaked work at the Carnegie Museum on July 19, come to Attack Theatre for the final viewing of "Remainder: Installment I." Performance is at 9:30pm. Everyone is welcome, donations suggested. Sponsored in part by UPMC. 412.441.8444.

Friday, August 1 10PM-2AM BRILLOBOX - 4104 PENN AVE.SHADE + DJ DANCE PARTY Come end your art-world wanderings by getting down and dancing.


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