Monday, July 7, 2008

Zombo Gallery Updates

From Michael at Zombo Gallery:

Hey all ..real quick..

1. Don't forget Zombo Gallery Anniversary Show with the one and only WAYNO! He did our grand opening last year and his art show was a fantastic he is back with his latest show..Stubble and Smoke. Opens Saturday, July 12 @ 6pm..

2. A real strange show is on it's way on to Zombo Gallery August 15-30..Dr. Josef Furdek's Cabinet of Curiosities. It will be a combination Art show/Freakshow and Sideshow. Hosted by Lucky Swartz. Not for the weak of heart.

3. Art Goes Bowling.. The Zombo Gallery in conjunction with Arsenal Lanes in Lawrenceville, will have a showing of 100 bowling pins designed/decorated/painted/carved, etc by 100 artists...
We still have some blank pins left, so come on down to the gallery and get one to get into the show. Art Goes Bowling opens on August 22 and Sept 1. The show will be at the bowling alley! Too cool.

4. Check out the new and improved !

Best to you! Zombo Gallery 4900 Hatfield St. Pittsburgh, PA 15201


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