Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Pittsburgh Galleries Studios, Unblurred Art Crawl

Friday's August 3, 2008 Unblurred Art Crawl has some new galleries and participants. I previously posted the schedule here but wanted to highlight the newest members which I will be adding to shortly:

Friday, August 1 6PM-9PM:

PASSPORTS: ART DIVERSITY - 5110 PENN AVE. "COOL STUFF" SALE AND GALLERY PREVIEW Come view Penn Avenue's newest gallery-in-the making, have refreshments and weigh-in with your own comments and suggestions! Plus support us by buying artistic odds and ends as we raise funds to complete the space: Orphan and signed art from classic to eclectic, collectibles, antique jewelry, pottery, antique bits, old Westinghouse architectural plans, some furniture pieces, tons of fabric, and much, much more junk than you've ever seen in a long, long time!

Friday, August 1 6PM-7PM:

SANDIDGE PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO & GALLERY - 5515 PENN AVE.412.628.7888 WORKS BY AHMAD SANDIDGE Join us and view the work of acclaimed photographer Ahmad Sandidge. Ahmad's photography has been displayed in NYC, DC, Atlanta, Oakland, CA, L.A., Brazil,etc. The range of his photography is seeming endless. He does portraits in black and white and color. His cityscape captures the essence of life in polarized color. Not only is he showing his work, he will also be taking and giving away, FREE, portraits (5x7 color prints) of those that come and visit his working studio and gallery.

Friday, August 1 7PM-10PM:

MOXBOX FINE ART PARTY - 5014 PENN AVE.OPEN HOUSE ART PARTY moxBox Premiere ART Consulting (PAC) promotes art in alterntative venues, encourages alternative art viewing and creative living. The second open house will include a variety of artwork with a focus on photography, portraits and abstract works. Featured artists include Corey LeChat, Dean M. Beattie, Eric Gibbons, Mark Traughber, Shari Lynn Bennett, Maria Napoli, Mark Gualtieri, and TK Mundok. 412.682.0348/

And while not a new member here's an "under the radar" art gallery not previously on the schedule for August 1:

Friday August 1 7PM-9PM:

INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN'S ART GALLERY - 5020 PENN AVE.A PREVIEW OF BRESMA Photographs of a Haitian Orphanage by Laura Petrilla and Eva Mueller. Drinks, Music and More. Donations requested. For more information .

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