Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pittsburgh Artists Get Passed Over ?

I was wondering when someone would write an opinion about the Heinz grant given to L.A. artist Glenn Kaino. Check out Kurt Shaw's Industrial art project deserved funding nod . What I don't see in the article is an attempt to get a comment from Tom Sokolowski. When I first read the news about the grant a few weeks ago my immediate thoughts were (1) what other artists and projects were considered and (2) why would an out of town artist be better suited. Now I'm also wondering if this really is just a temporary 6 month display then where the heck is it going after that? Temporary public art with that amount of money involved? Odd.


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  1. The Kurt Shaw article of a few weeks ago was spot on and positive feedback and personal opinion was given.
    Yes indeed this public art and the chosen LA artist is indeed a continuation of paradigm that must change in Pittsburgh. We pride ourselves in teaching visual art and want to stem the tide of the newly educated leaving town yet we cannot show them examples of successful Pittsburgh public artists. I am attempting to create large public sculpture and welcome the competition of artists outside of Pittsburgh. All I ask is a hard, fair and OPEN look at public art proposals to determine if the grass is really greener outside of Pittsburgh. We are weary of the artistic insecurities of Pittsburgh public art decision makers as most of their choices seem to be based on the political safety of their positions. Grow Pittsburgh visual artists don't alienated them.

  2. thank you for your input!

    rick byerly