Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pittsburgh Artist Update, Ben Kehoe, Masha Vereshchenko

I suggest keeping an eye on Ben Kehoe's Flickr pages as he begins to show his post-medieval period of work which I can't wait to see! He mentioned that the flickr pages will be the most up to date (both agreeing websites are a pain to mantain, but be sure to check his out ).

You may have seen work by artist Masha Vereshchenko around town. Her links are here:
I look forward to seeing more of her art!

When you see or hear the phrase "Wolfman's Got Nards" do you draw blank? Edumacate yourself and pick up an amazing handcrafted work of new monster illustrations and great writing from Unicorn Mountain as well as their other anthologies.

On a final note a late farewell to Jairan Sadeghi who has left Pittsburgh and to point out the Pittsburgh art galleries who really got her started in terms of showing her amazing talent to Pittsburgh. ModernFormations Gallery in Garfield and La Vie Gallery in Lawrenceville stand out in the talent they exhibit. These are galleries which need the support of art fans in terms of purchasing art to continue supporting new work. For those in the know running a Pittsburgh art gallery involves a ton of work and an uncertain future.

Rick Byerly

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