Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Panza Gallery presents: Sid Kweller. recent works & whimsies. July 11 to Aug 9, 2008

Panza Gallery presents: Sid Kweller. recent works & whimsies.

Opening Reception: Friday July 11th 2008 from 6-9pm.

Show runs July 11 to Aug. 9, 2008.

Panza Gallery 115 Sedgwick St. Millvale Pa 15209 hours: wed,thur.& fri 10-5 & sat 10-3

As Mickey Rooney said to Judy Garland,” Hey! Aunt Clara has a barn and some old scenery ,lets put on a show !” Well that’s just what we are going to do ! Please join us Friday evening July 11th 2008 6-9pm AT PANZA gallery Located at 115 Sedgwick Street, Millvale Pa.

The Merry Green Dog will be appearing in his role as an iconoclastic, harum-scarum, saucy presence. Furthermore there will be a plethora of collage, paintings and drawings by Sid Kweller.The 91 year old artist has had a long distinguished career nationally as a store and interior designer.During his retirement of twenty-four years he has resumed his practice of painting and drawing. Critics have judged the works as both hilarious and delightfully satiric.It is entertaining to observe the deft skewering of the intellectual pretensions of some elements of the current day art establishment. The Artists work appears in private collections nationally.

More info contact: Mark Panza 412.821.0959. email: website:


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